Diwali Mela outdoor cultural events are cancelled due to inclement weather !!  (updated Oct. 21, 2015)

We have heavy rains in the forecast for the next weekend in Plano - 100% rains for Friday (Oct.23) and Saturday (Oct 24).

Our equipment rental company asked us to re-consider the event plans as the weather may adversely affect the setup and the Mela. We will not be able to do cultural performances outside with out the stage and people will not attend the event.

So the Temple Management has decided to cancel all the outdoor cultural events, booths, and fireworks.

We appreciate all your support and apologize for any inconveniences, this may have caused to you.

Performers are requested to use the drop off zone  for getting performers to the venue and then park their vehicles at the event parking lot . 

We would highly encourage local talent of children and adults to perform in front of a very large audience at the gala. Our slots are limited and would have programs with cultural diversity representing all parts of India.

Plano Diwali Gala organizers will allocate 20 minute time slots for all dance/music schools based on the need. There will be a raised stage (with a minimum area of 16 feet wide x 12 feet depth ) and audio system with lighting. There will be 5 minutes gap before and after every performance for announcements and stage set up.  (We may allow individual performances during this gap/interval, depending on schedules.)  We have time slots of 10 and 15 minutes for shorter performances.

  • You should email the application form and get confirmation for including your performance.  Please specify exact duration for each item.

  • All performances should be based on Diwali or cultural themes.

    There is no registration or participation fee.

  • Programs can be:

    1. Dance items related to Diwali theme or a cultural theme - prefer group items max duration 8 minutes per item including introduction

    2. Vocal i.e. bhajan singing - group item for 20 minutes

    3. Dance Ballet themed after Hindu mythology- max time 20 minutes

  • We prefer group programs for the event. If there is enough interest from individual performers, we will try to accommodate them for 5 to 7 minute slots in between dance/music school performances, depending on availability.  Please email with performance details and exact duration for each item.


  • OCT 4th to confirm by email if your school will be participating indicating the number of items presenting/duration in minutes
  • OCT 8th - Completed registration form to be send to this email address
  • OCT 18th- For dance items, send the Music with the narration script/introduction
  • Final performance schedule will be emailed by OCT 21st, Wednesday.
  • We will be issuing Certificates of Appreciation to all participants.

We are also looking for volunteers (ages 12 and up only ) who can help for a minimum of 2 hours, as part of HTNT Youth Vihar program. We would be issuing participation certificates, which could be used for honor society hours.

Participating schools should review the following timesheet for choosing your performance slot.  If you are allotted a 20 minute slot, you are requested to plan for a 15 minute performance. This will help you to start and finish the performance and leave the stage before the end time, and we can begin the next performance on time. Similarly for other timeslots, please plan to start and finish well within the time slots.